El Dr. Mario Barajas y la Dra. Frédérique Frossard del Grup de Recerca Ensenyament i Aprenentatge Virtual (GREAV) organizan el seminario «Creativity in education» que impartirá la Dra. Simone Ritter. 

  • Fecha y horario: martes 3 de julio, 13h30-15h
  • Localización: Sala 232bis – Departament de Organització Educativa Universitat de Barcelona, Edifici Llevant, Campus Mundet
  • Idioma: Inglés


From the first wheel to the latest microprocessor, creative ideas have continuously enriched our lives. Creativity is not limited to the realms of greatness, but can also be found in young learners, for example, when one has to accomplish a task in a new way. This seminar aims to broaden our understanding of the cognitive processes and structures that contribute to the generation of creative ideas, and to shed light on the question how creative thinking can be enhanced in educational settings. Making contributions to any domain requires that creative ideas are generated, recognized and finally adopted. A better understanding of the psychology of creativity can help optimise the processes and circumstances that stimulate creativity and innovation in schools.

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