En el marco de las actividades formativas organizadas por las comisiones académicas de los programas de postgrado MIPE y DIPE, la investigadora Kelsey Inouye y la Dra. Isabelle Skakni, de la Universidad de Oxford, impartirán el workshop titulado:

“Why Am I Doing a PhD? Impact of Motivations, Expectations and Writing Feedback on Doctoral Journeys.”

  • Fecha: 19 de junio de 2018
  • Hora: de 15.30h a 19.30h
  • Lugar: Aula T101,  Edificio de la Tamarita, Universitat Ramon Llull.
  • Inscripciones: enviando un correo a montserratcb@blanquerna.url.edu


Still struggling to convince your grandmother that your PhD is relevant? Now that we have your attention, let’s be serious: doing a PhD is a highly challenging endeavour that is difficult to understand from the outside. But what about you? How is your doctoral journey going? If you are a doctoral student in your first or second year, and if you would like to reflect upon and share your doctoral experience, you are cordially invited to participate in a reflective workshop entitled: “Why Am I Doing a PhD? Impact of Motivations, Expectations and Writing Feedback on Doctoral Journeys.”

This research-based workshop aims to provide a rare opportunity to take stock of your doctoral journey and to share your experience with peers who have similar interests and concerns. Through group discussions and brief written and visual exercises, we will encourage you to reflect upon your motivations for undertaking doctoral studies, your expectations for the journey, and the tricky experience of receiving and responding to feedback from your supervisors. We hope that you will then

  • become more aware of the influence that your goals and expectations have on your overall doctoral journey, and on the thesis-writing process in particular;
  • learn to make the most of supervisors’ feedback in developing your thesis to meet your goals and expectations; and
  • create a sense of community with other doctoral students, who are experiencing situations like yours.

Kelsey Inouye and Isabelle Skakni are doctoral and postdoctoral researchers respectively at the University of Oxford, Department of Education, and research associates at the University of Lancaster. As part of the Researcher Identity Development (RID) project, their current work focuses on early career researchers’ experiences, training and identity development in a cross-cultural perspective.

Kelsey’s interests also include the relationships between writing and feedback in PhD students, while Isabelle interests are focused on the impact of career uncertainty on   junior researchers’ identity development and the career trajectories of PhD holders outside academia.

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