Doctorate DIPE

The Interinstitutional Doctorate of Educational Psychology (DIPE) is a shared initiative of four Catalan universities —Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de BarcelonaUniversitat de Girona and Universitat Ramon Llull. It runs under the coordination of the University of Barcelona, however, a variety of research groups on educational psychology participating in the program offer the doctoral students:

  • A broad range of topics and lines of research to enter and explore;
  • An updated, state-of-the-art view in the field of educational psychology;
  • A panoramic view of current epistemological and methodological approaches in this field;
  • A working network with other Spanish and foreign universities and research groups;
  • A direct learning experience of research methods and procedures by means of a training program embedded in the current work of the research groups.


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