The occasion of our 50th anniversary provides a unique and timely opportunity to both celebrate the birth and history of the Jean Piaget Society, and critically examine Piaget’s enduring contributions to contemporary developmental scholarship and practice. The50th Annual Conference of the Jean Piaget Society, focuses on constructivism, a foundational tenet of Piaget’s theory and the School of Geneva.

The program will explore both science and culture as active, transformative, historical processes and practices, with deep and far-reaching implications for understanding human development and knowledge: the processes and practices of science are woven into what is considered to be truth and knowledge, and what is valued with respect to how human development is studied and to what effect; those of culture—from daily routines to institutionalized practices (e.g., in education)—become tools with which developing individuals construct realities, knowledge and value commensurate with personal and relational histories.

An interdisciplinary cast of invited speakers will provide an overview of different constructivist approaches (including Vygotsky’s); address the relevance of constructivism to the burgeoning fields of epigenetics and neurodevelopment, with special reference to the longstanding nature-nurture controversy; critique the ongoing dialogue about constructivist education and policy; and explore implications of constructivism for understanding developmental diversities. The history of the Jean Piaget Society will be showcased in a variety of displays and special sessions.

«Call for papers» Submission Deadline: 15 January 2020

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