MIPE CURSO 2017-18

1st period:
– Application: 3/4/2017 to 12/5/2017
– Notification (admission decisions): around 1st of June, 2017

2nd period:
– Application: 15/5/2017 to 30/6/2017
– Notification (admission decisions): around 15th of July, 2016

Documents to be sent:
. Photocopy of your Passport/Identity Card/NIE
. Updated resume or updated CV. Include information about knowledge in
languages (Spanish and English) and ICT
. Motivation letter. Reasons for which you want to study the master
. Photocopy of your academic qualifications
. Photocopy of your title or academic degree

Documents should be attached through the aplication, in pdf format and with a maximum size of 3 Mb.

If necessary, use the e-mail:
Contact phone numbers: (34)934020169 – 933125009

Once finished the application period, the MIPE’s Comission of Coordination will contact with every student.

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