Through the doctoral program, the universities in charge of the initiative aim at:

  • Composing doctoral program of quality, based on principles of epistemological, conceptual and methodological coherence, knowledge focused and oriented at the educational research on educational processes in a variety of contexts.
  • Offering students a broad range of research lines, developed by high quality research groups in Catalonia, where the new doctoral projects can be inscribed and carried out, with the warrant of a high quality, rigorous supervision.
  • Sharing both material and intellectual resources among the partners, in order to offer the students the widest range of options in doctoral training in the field of educational psychology.
  • Enhancing the development and diffusion of research lines of the research groups through continuous collaboration and exchange.


Along with the basic competences of the doctoral degree regulated by the Royal Decree 99/2011, the doctoral program of DIPE aims at providing the students with the following specific competences and skills:

  • Knowledge and advanced information management about research in a variety of educational scenarios.
  • Generation and management of useful knowledge for the planning, design, evaluation and intervention in educational practices, both in traditional and virtual contexts.
  • Rigorous and conceptually accurate reflection and analysis of issues concerning educational psychology.
  • Use of research instruments, implementation of procedures and inquiry methods related to the field of educational psychology.
  • Data management (collection, transcription, analysis and evaluation) revolving specific issues in the field of interest.
  • Specific communication in scientific contexts in the field of educational psychology.
  • ICT use for the purpose of research activities in the context of educational psychology.
  • Self-reflection about personal competences and training needs in the field of educational psychology research.
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