There is one-year full-time predoctoral research position ending by April 2021 to participate in the DIALLS Project – Dialogue and Argumentation for Cultural Literacy Learning.

Project description

An analysis of students’ class-based and online interactions, will be conducted mapping the development of dialogue and argumentation skills among students of all levels of compulsory education. Cross-comparative analyses of classrooms in seven countries will be performed. The novelty of DIALLS proposal lies in the intersection of cultural literacy, multimodality, dialogue and argumentation, and through the use of face-to-face and online learning environments where students can share their perspectives as they make sense of Europe and its different cultures. Our innovative teaching and assessment tools will guide teachers in their development of a dialogic pedagogy for cultural literacy in tomorrow’s Europe.

  • Goal of the Project: To develop an understanding of young people’s cultural literacy in formal education by means of fostering dialogue and argumentation on multimodal external representations.
  • Job responsibilities: 1. Argumentation coding of Project data.2. Thesis proposal submission in a PhD program in Educational Psychology.
  • Skills: Proficient in English and Catalan (needed for coding). Basic statistics skills.
  • Gross salary per year: 15.750€
  • Required documents: Application letter, Curriculum vitae sent to
  • Deadline submission: March, 15th, 2020
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