The Centre for Research and Improvement of Education (CIME) of the Universidad Del Desarrollo organize and invite the Second Virtual Meeting on Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Higher Education. Between the 22nd of November and 1st of December 2021, 31 researchers from the 5 continents, will meet virtually in 9 panels to discuss topics related to the educational process that occurs at the university.

Do we allow students to achieve deep, meaningful learning aligned with the demands of the profession? How much of the design of the educational process includes the learners´ characteristics and the functions that, in the future, they will develop in the professional world? How connected is higher education to the demands of workplace and the future of the digital society? What has happened to remote education in a pandemic? What is the feedback that we frequently give to students like? What role does feedback play in a pandemic remote education?

These are some of the questions that national and international experts will analyse, with the aim of sharing their research, experiences and theoretical assumptions to contribute to innovation in higher education.

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