Application and registration


Students may apply to enrol in the DIPE program at any time during the academic year (September to June). The application must be addressed to the President of the Academic Committee of the program. The following documents must be attached (in electronic format) to the application:

  • Motivation letter exposing the reasons of the application and indicating which line(s) of research appeal the personal interest;
  • Resume with explicit indication of the linguistic competence in foreign languages and ICT-skills.
  • Academic expedient at previous studies (Grade or Master), including studied subjects and qualifications.

Administrative information and registration

Facultad de Psicología
Secretaría de Estudiantes y Docencia
Universitat de Barcelona
Edifici Ponent – Planta baixa
Passeig Vall d’Hebron, 171 • 08035 Barcelona
Tel.: (+34) 933 125 009 • Fax: (+34) 934 021 427

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