Research group on identity and teaching strategies, SINTE-IdentitES · UAB  (

Main researcher:

Monereo Font, Carles 


Álvarez, Ibis M. (UAB), Badía, Antoni (UOC), De La Torre-Bueno, Stefano (UAB), Fuentes, Marta (UAB), Mejías, Esperanza (UAB), Morondo, Andrés (UAB), Suñé, Núria (UAB), Valencia, Alina (UAB), Vargas, Karina (UAB), Weise, Crista (UAB).

Main lines of research developed by the group:

  • The dialogical construction of educational professional Identity
  • Identification of critical incidents and coping strategies at different levels of education.
  • Professional educators training through critical incidents.
  • Virtual Systems to share the representation of the dynamics of the classroom between teachers, students and advisors.

Projects in progress:

Title: The professional identity construction  through the self-talk (persuasive)
Funding agency:  Oficina de Qualitat Docent (OQD) & ICE (UAB)
Main researcher: Carles Monereo
Start: 2017  End: 2019

Title: Researcher Identity Development
Funding agency: Erasmus + & Programme of European Union
Main researchers: Montserrat Castelló,  Carles Monereo
Start: 2017  End: 2019

Title: Creating an international network about Critical Incident’s coping strategies at different educational levels
Funding agencies: Universidad de Concepción (Chile) & SINTE.
Main researchers: Carles Monereo, Oscar Nail.
Start: 2015 End: not delimited.

Selected publications (last five years):

Books and book chapters

Mejías, E. & Monereo, C. (2016). As Life Itself: Authentic Teaching and Evaluation of Professional Consulting Competencies in a Psychology Course. In E. Cano & G. Ion. Innovative Practices for Higher Education Assessment and Measurement (pp.311-331). IGI Global Publishing.

Monereo, C., Monte, M. y Andreucci, P. (2015) La gestión de incidentes críticos en la Universidad. Madrid: Narcea.

Monereo, C. (2014) El docente como estratega. De la enseñanza estratégica a la formación de una identidad profesional. Bogotá: Redipe.

Monereo, C. (comp.) (2014) Enseñando a enseñar en la universidad. Sistemas alternativos de formación del profesorado. Barcelona: Octaedro, ICE-UB, IDES-UAB.


Badia, A., Liesa, E., & Monereo, C. (en prensa). Early researchers’ identity positions based on significant events in research.

Scartezini, R. & Monereo, C. (2018). The development of university teachers’ professional identity: a dialogical study. Research Papers in Education, 33(1), 42-58.

Monereo, C. (2017). The role of critical incidents in the dialogical construction of teacher identity. Analysis of a professional transition case. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction

Badia, A., & Becerril, L. (2016). Renaming teaching practice through teacher reflection using critical incidents on a virtual training course. Journal of Education for Teaching, 42(2), 224-238.

Aguayo-González, M., Castelló, M., & Monereo, C. (2014) The identity of the nursing academic: between Education and research. Text Context Nursing, 23(2), 241-249.

Monereo, C. y Domínguez, C. (2014) La identidad docente de los profesores universitarios competentes. Educación XX1, 17(2), 83-104.

Selected papers given at congresses and seminars (last five years):

Becerril, L., Monereo, C.  Suñé, N. y Weise, C. (2018, junio). La construcción de la identidad investigadora desde una perspectiva dialógica. Symposium invitado en el IX Congreso Internacional de Psicología y Educación. Logroño, España.

Mayoral, P.,  Monereo, C., Scartezini, R., &  Weise, C. (2018, June).  Identities in education: Dialogical Self perspective and educational change. Invited Symposium  in 10th International Conference on the Dialogic Self. Braga, Portugal.

Badia, A., Liesa, E., Monereo, C., & Weise, C. (2017, October). Constructing a Theoretical Framework on identities in Education. International Seminar Re-thinking Identity in Education: a dialogical perspective. Barcelona, Spain.

Monereo, C. (2016). An integrated dialogical method for the study of teacher identity construction. An application to a case of professional transition. 31st International Congress of psychology. Yokohama, Japón.

Weise, C. & Monereo, C. (2016) Teachers’ training with critical incidents as an opportunity to change. 9th International Conference on the Dialogic Self. Lublin, Polonia.

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