Theoretical, epistemological and professional coordinates of educational psychology


Culture, development and learning in educational psychology. 3 ECTS credits. University of Barcelona. Prof.: Javier Onrubia.

Construction of psycho-educational knowledge: epistemological and methodological fundaments. 3 ECTS credits. University of Barcelona. Prof.: Andrés di Masso.

Procedures, canons and practices of scientific and professional communication in educational psychology. 6 ECTS credits. Ramon Llull University. Prof.: Montserrat Castelló and Mariona Corcelles.

Current views and tendencies in educational psychology. 6 ECTS credits. University of Barcelona. 6 ECTS credits. University of Barcelona. Prof.: César Coll.


  • Relations between psychological knowledge, theory, and educational practice.
  • Sociocultural approaches to education and learning.
  • Constructivism, socio-cultural constructivism and constructivist approaches in education.
  • Educational applications and implications of socio-cultural constructivist approaches.
  • Epistemological debates on the construction of psycho-educational knowledge:
    • Quantitative, qualitative and mixed research
    • Epistemological coherence and methodological multiplicity
    • From basic research to applied research: the Pasteur’s quadrant.
  • General methodological strategies of research and intervention in educational psychology: case study, design-based research, evaluative research.
  • Brain and learning: the neurological bases of learning
  • Situated and distributed cognition, situated learning and teaching.
  • Learning and systems of activity
  • Formal and school education in the information society and the new ecology of learning
  • Academic and professional texts in educational psychology: norms, canons and conventions.
  • Writing of academic and professional texts in educational psychology

Requirements: no requirements.

Compulsory Subjects

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